Socio-economic Context


The economical activities of human beings constitute the nucleus of social development.  The use of the energy at our disposition is the hard nucleus of every economical activity.  One can’t imagine or describe a life, be it natural or social, without it’s energy bases.
– Hermann Scherr, Nobel Prize candidate 1999.

Given that the rural population in the Sahelian Zone represents nearly 80% of the total population, development must be realized by money-making activities directed at this population. It is becoming more and more frequent to see men and women forming associations for activities such as agriculture, cloth dying, shea nut butter extraction, soap fabrication, preparation of millet beer, peanut butter, etc.

All of these activities require energy.  They rely heavily on physical energy (demonstrated in the form of muscular force), substituted in part by heat generated principally from burning wood. Temperatures required are usually between 50°C and 200°C. This margin of temperature, in a Sahelian country like Burkina Faso, could easily be covered by the use of solar energy.