Technical Context


The apparatus used in solar heating does not require complicated assembly. For the most part, the necessary materials are already found in the Sahel. This construction could therefore call to a large portion of the local population. Contrary to the photovoltaic idea, which uses complicated technology and materials that must be imported, the solar heaters produce a valuable market that keeps money in Burkina’s economy and helps in the fight against poverty.

Civil society has tried to respond to this growing demand, but these ideas are hard to sell because the capacity of production of products of acceptable quality is limited, marketing efforts have been insufficient (often based on doing-it-yourself), and lack of long term follow-up have dulled the desired results.

While it is easy to mobilize a technician for correct installation in large applications (incorrect installation can reduce efficiency), domestic cooking is mainly done by women, conditioned by social and cultural factors. The achievement of efficiency in domestic households requires the training and the following by a representative number of the actual users (women).