Here are videos showing different aspects of our activities:

Solar food Processing in Burkina Faso - William Ilboudo

Solar Shea Butter Production

For more information about solar cooking, please visit the web pages of the following organizations:

Solar Household Energy, Inc.

she-inc-logoSolar Household Energy, Inc. is a not-for profit corporation, which seeks to harness free enterprise to introduce solar cooking where it can improve quality of life and relieve stress on the environment. Working with private entities, governments, and NGOs, SHE designs and oversees training and distribution projects in Mexico, Central America and Africa.

Solar Cookers International

solar-cookers-logoSolar Cookers International is a nonprofit organization with offices in California and Kenya that has been bringing the promise of solar cooking to those in need around the world since 1987.

Solar Cookers World Networkscw-logoSolar Cookers World Network is an alliance of almost 500 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), manufacturers, and individuals actively promoting solar cooking around the world. This wiki-based site allows the Network members to share information and collaborate on projects and research.