Completed Projects

Completed installations in daily use that utilise our renewable energy and engineering.

Inauguration of the first commercial solar bakery in Burkina Faso / Ougadougou

bread-oven-burkinaOn Saturday 18th of December 2010 ISOMET opened the doors to demonstrate its new solar bakery system with two 16 sqm Scheffler reflectors and a oven that can bake 100 small French breads (baguettes) in about 30 minutes.

The bakery was extended up to 5 solar baking systems with an expected outcome of about 6000 - 8000 breads per day.

Watch videos about the first prototype:

Solar Bakery in Burkina Faso   Solar-Gas Hybrid Bakery in Ouagadougou :: Interview with William Ilboudo from Burkina Faso, director of ISOMET and member of the International Solar Food Processing Network Talking about the potential of Solar Food Processing in Burkina Faso. He has implemented a solar bakery and a solar shea butter production.

Solar Water Heaters

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(Dummy) photos about the project:

Solar Water Heaters   Shea Butter Collection Platform   REnet South - North

Shea Butter Collection Platform

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REnet South - North

Partners: ISES, EU

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Biomass Energy Platforms Implementation for Training in Africa (BEPITA)


Financing: European Union, ADEME, and DANIDA

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Hybrid Solar/Gas/Biomass Dryer

Partners: CIRAD

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